Thursday, November 5, 2015

Run With you by Kandice Michelle Young

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Run With You
Kandice Michelle

Nov 5th

Your scars, my scars, our scars...

A desperate promisewhispered by her lover in the heat of the night. Can it be enough?

Sebastian sawme at my worst and still he gave me his best. When it was his turn to fall, Ifeared I wouldn’t be strong enough to catch him. The choices he made as a boythreatened everything about the man he’d become. I knew the struggle to keephis love would be the greatest battle my heart's had to face. Still, I couldnever have prepared myself for what was coming.

World turnedupside down, it was hard enough to live with myself after what I'd done.Already unable to trust, I was trapped in a whirlpool of newly discoveredtruths. How could I live with his wounds when I was already dying from my own?

You can’ttake on my burdens without giving me some of yours in return…

A hopeful plea fromhis lover's lips. How can he comply when telling her means destroyingeverything they've worked for?

Danielle wasspiraling and it was up to me to reel her in. I could’ve lost it all in aheartbeat, but it would’ve been worth it if it meant she was safe. Calculatedto the end, I had an iron clad plan to protect her. I just never imagined itwouldn't be enough.

The ghosts ofmy past were no longer trapped in my nightmares. They were real and they walkedamong us, waging war on all that I held dear. How could we win the battle whenwe had nothing left to fight for?
Two damaged souls. Too many mistakes. One future in jeopardy…



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