Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Scent of Musk By KC Royale with Excerpt and Review

The Scent of Musk (Trilogy bk 1)
By KC Royale 
Genre: Suspenseful romance

Two guys. One woman. She is attracted to both, but in two totally different ways. With one guy there is this magnetic pull to him, an intense physical attraction she can't control. The physical connection with this guy is so strong, that just a look or a touch from him, and she's in a trance of lust. But with the other guy, she feels safe, maybe for the first time in her life, with any man. There is this warmth with him, that she hasn't felt since... forever. The emotional connection with this one guy, renders her speechless. 
Susan’s life has always been complicated, ever since she lost the last member of her family, a few years ago. She’s had a hard time dealing with her loss, and how alone she secretly felt in this huge world. Taking life one day at a time, in work and in finding love, was her new motto. But one day she meets a man named Charleston Grayson, who challenges her and manages to help her to feel again. She can’t stop thinking about him, no matter how much she tries to fight it. Until she reluctantly agrees to a be wing-man for her best friend's blind date, where her friend's date brings a wingman of his very own. Susan somehow finds herself emotionally drawn to this man, almost immediately. A 
man named Simon Parker.

“Excuse me, I’m Ms. Parker,” I stated, as he stood and turned around and smiled at me. 
“I know who you are baby, and you look lovely,” Charles said, as his eyes trialed down my body appreciatively. “How’s your day going?” he asks. I was frozen solid, not able to move, breathe or blink. He then placed his hand around my waist and brought his lips to mine and kissed me twice, while humming his appreciation against my lips.
“You taste so sweet baby, please sit I need to talk to you for a minute.” He pulled out my chair for me to sit down and I damned near fell into the chair. I take a small sip of my coffee while placing my pad and pen on the table, feeling and probably looking baffled.

I received this Book in return for an honest opinion. In now way was I bribed or forced to leave the following review.
The Scent of Musk By KC Royale Book 1 of 3
In this book we get to meet Susan who owns her own bakery. Susan’s life has always been complicated and a little lonely she has never had any luck when it came to her love life until she meets a stranger on the stairwell and he saves her from falling and getting hurt or killed. During the entire event that happens on the stairwell the one thing that draws Susan's attention is the scent of his musk. Charles is a very wealthy man who just so happened to be not paying attention to his surroundings because he was too busy with his phone. Once Charles see's Susan he is entranced by her and can not stop thinking about her. They begin to see each other and are having some steamy sex and they both feel content that is until the mysterious Simon comes into the picture. While Susan is head over heals in love with Charles it seems that Simon has some kind of mysterious pull on Susan. I have to say that this books keeps getting better and better from the beginning to the end when unfortunately it leaves you with one heck of a cliffhanger that makes you want the second book in the trilogy that much faster. So if this sounds good to you and you want to know the entire story then by all means hurry and buy the books so that you can meet Susan, Charles and the mysterious Simon. 

KC Royale started writing at the tender age of nine years old. Being the only girl in a house with four brothers, she used writing as a way to occupy her time. Her curiosity grew into her creating poems and short stories in various genres, which then grew into a love of writing all types of stories. Having grown up in the Washington Metropolitan Area, she got a lot of her inspiration from life, love and nature. She currently lives in Maryland with her family and her ever present laptop. When she is not writing she enjoys watching movies, theater, cooking, traveling, and listening to soft rock music. She is also an avid reader who enjoys a good romance, erotica or thriller novel to pass the time.

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