Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wrath by Kaylee Song with Review

Title: Wrath (Fire and Steel MC Book 2)
Author: Kaylee Song 
Genre: MC Romance 

This is a Stand Alone Book with an HEA ending! 
The Savior 
Emma Snow has spent her life fighting to live. The product of a broken home, she clawed her way to independence, but at a cost. Now, in her junior year at a top tier college, she has everything within her grasp. Until she meets him. 
Aidan is wild and reckless. Everything she isn’t and everything she should avoid. Her attraction to him is undeniable. 
Emma escaped darkness before. Will surrendering to him only trap her again? 
The Sinner 
Wounded Army Specialist, Aidan Crowne never thought living at home could be this hard. A year into his new life, and he is already spinning out of control. No job, no prospects. 
Fire and Steel MC offers him a place at their side. Joining the club means he’ll have to sacrifice everything that makes him human and give into his true nature. 
His Wrath. 
Is it worth the cost? 
Can Emma deny Aidan when she's the only one who might lead him to safety?

This is the second book in the Fire and Steal series.
This book is told from multiple POV.
I believe this book can be read as a standalone or part of the series with no cliffhangers.
This is Adrian's story. He has over come everything in his life losing his family, being in the service,and losing his leg. Now he he home and he has nothing. No one will hire him. Without a job he can't live, but all anyone sees is a damaged man. Everything changes when he gives up and walks into Kats cat house. Seeing that he's had a ruff time of it Kat gets him to talk about his problems. At the end of the bar is Rage with a job for him. Behind the the bar is the fiery women that will change his life. Emma is strong and independent. She will do everything in her power to never end up like her mom. When she take a job at her aunts bar, she never imagined she would fall head over heals in love. Falling in love is the easy part now can the except each other for how they are or will they tear each other apart?
This story was even better than the first. Emma learns she has to back down sometimes. Adrian learns that there is life after so much loss. Adrian's strength blew me away. This story is for everyone. I can assure you there won't be a dry seat in the house after this story, emotional or otherwise. If you love MC, strong women, even stronger men, trust, love and devotion, this is definitely the book for you. I can wait for the next book in this series.

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