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Just Like that By EJ Cohen with Review

Title: Just Like That
Author: EJ Cohen

Alexandra Bond was content. Life was good – until it wasn't. Her life derailed seven months ago when her husband, Walt, died of a heart attack at just forty-nine years old. Alex, forty-one, has dealt with the devastation, anger, and loneliness long enough. She’s ready to be bold and put it all out there. She’s eager to get her life back on track and the right man wouldn't hurt. When a young hunk asks her out, she is optimistic. She soon discovers he’s quite accomplished and a well-known
commodity, especially among the locals. He sweeps her off her feet and proceeds to introduce her to his sexual fantasies and games. He brings romance and laughter back into her life and turns out to be much more than she bargained for. With a quirky cast of characters including friends and family the hijinks that ensue will have you laughing and crying

This book was so awesome it kept me entertained and I could not put the book down. Jesse and Alex are an amazing couple who know how to have fun while also keeping it fresh. Both Jesse and Alex are what I see as a complete happily ever after. I do however hope that there will be more to the story as I'd love to know what the future holds for Jesse and Alex.

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I’m an East Coast guy … born and bred in New York … now living in New Jersey. I have a wonderful wife and son. I have always thought of writing a novel and have finally put pen to paper. I want to thank the many who have read my book, “Just Like That”, and am encouraged by how many of you have loved it. The sequel is now in progress.

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Tiramisu it is.” He looks to the waiter, who is quickly gathering plates. “We’re going to share a tiramisu but give us ten minutes.”
The waiter has barely taken two steps. Jesse leans in and whispers in my ear, “Are you wearing panties?”
I look at him to try getting some clue. Is he serious? I can’t determine. Jesse looks calm, like he’s simply waiting patiently for my response. My head is spinning as I nervously tap my foot.
“Yes I am … why?” Why? Why am I responding?
“Let’s spice it up. How about going into the ladies room and removing them?”
I have no intention of doing any such thing, despite the fact that I am getting increasingly turned on. I am expecting to just say no. Instead I blurt out, “What about you?”
“Sure, I’ll do the same. Let’s meet back here.”
Jesse gets up and stands behind my chair. I turn around and up to look him in the eyes. His expression tells me nothing. Time seems to be standing still. Finally, I rise and slowly start walking toward the restrooms, all the while turning again and again to make sure that Jesse is right behind.
I enter the restroom far from certain about my next move. I quickly observe one stall unoccupied and enter it to ponder my options. Standing there and doing nothing is making me more nervous than I already am. I remove my panties and stuff them into my bag. Great! Now I’m sweating. Putting aside my short evening with Glen, it’s been two decades since I’ve dated; surely this zaniness can’t be the new normal? Or is it me? Perhaps I’ve dispensed smoke signals that made Jesse comfortable enough to be this brazen? Fuck, who am I kidding? I started this last Sunday.
I exit the stall and look in the mirror. I freshen up by the sink. Two deep breaths don’t stop my hand from trembling.
Exiting the restroom, I look toward our table. Jesse is already seated and the waiter seems to be serving our dessert. As I approach the table, Jesse stands and pulls out my chair a bit.
He picks up his spoon and looks my way. “Bon appétit.”
I pick up my spoon.
“Ladies first,” he says, grinning.
I can’t control my trembling. I wish I could discount the possibility that Jesse is brazen enough to reach his hand toward my thigh area, or possibly beyond. Two spoonfuls are all I can stomach. Laying down my spoon is a relief.
“So, is it good?” he asks. Considering that I ordered it without looking at the menu, I wonder if that question had anything to do with the tiramisu.
“Very … good.”
“Alex, have some more.”
“No, I’m good.” I’m still a mess, but my hand is not shaking. I want his hands on me, but just not now.
Jesse takes one last spoonful.
He spots the waiter and signals that he wants the check. I have managed to tone down the sweating and shakes. What I can’t manage is my libido. Seven months without it. The last time I can remember feeling such a sense of naughty anticipation was before entering Walt’s bedroom for the first time. That eighteen year old wasn’t shaking in her boots.
Neither my physical nor emotional state changes one iota during the ride back to my place. I feel a bit relieved as we pull onto my driveway. If something is going to happen, at least now it will be on my home turf.
It has just turned dark. My outside lights have taken full effect. At my front door, Jesse moves in close, poised for our first kiss. I take a quick step back, displaying my keys. “Would you like to come in?”
“I certainly would.”
The tremble in my hand has returned, making it difficult to insert the key. As I push open the door, I first notice that he has a small duffle bag off to his side.
Pointing to his bag, I ask, “What’s that?” He smiles, but says nothing. We both step inside and, by force of habit, I lock the door. Instantly, from behind, Jesse forcefully raises my hands, pinning them up against the door. My bag comes crashing down. I cringe from the thud.
“Do you trust me?”
He has taken my breath away, and my ability to utter one word. His lips are within inches of my ear. “Trust me, I’ll take you there.” I shake my head affirmatively.
I am desperate to be taken. From behind will do just fine. Instead, he pulls my arms down, swings me around and kisses me, leaving me weak in the knees. As if reading my mind and body, he swoops me off my feet and into his arms. “Where’s your bedroom?”
I don’t know if I can get the words out, so I just point him in the right direction. I hit the switch at the base of the steps to illuminate the upstairs hallway. I knew he was built well, but it astounds me how effortlessly he carries me up the stairs. As we pass the photo gallery to our left, I think about grabbing the picture of Walter and me from the wall. Unfortunately, it is beyond my reach.
The master bedroom is immediately to the left. The bedroom lights are off. Jesse carries me to the bed, before playfully tossing me down. He removes his jacket and peels off his shirt. There is sufficient light from the hallway to expose his muscular upper body. His stomach muscles are chiseled, like the proverbial six pack. His physique is simply sublime.
Jesse quickly flips me on my back and pulls me down, leaving my legs, from the knees down, dangling off the bed. He removes my shoes and somewhat forcibly pulls up my dress.
“Sit here, at the edge of the bed,” he demands sternly. He hops onto the bed and quickly pulls my dress over my head. After unhooking my bra, he tosses it all near my shoes. My heart is pounding like never before.

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