Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Taken Love By KC Royale With Review

Title: Taken Love 
Author: KC Royale 
Genre: Romance 

Your first crush isn’t normally the man who ends up dating your best friend, nor is he the man you end up wanting to marry. But my inexperience on how to handle such a strong reaction to one guy nearly cost me everything back then. They say you can't control when you first fall in love or who you fall in love with. So when I found myself in love for the first time at seventeen, it was a bit shocking. Not for the reasons you think, but then again, maybe it was. 
His name was Johnathan Pierce, the one who drove me insane with lust, and frustrated me to no end. How could I not fall for him? How could any girl refuse his green eyes, experienced touch and intoxicating words? I knew that he was no longer the seventeen year old boy who had taken me for the ride of my life, he was a man now. It’s been six years since my heart was taken by Johnathan, a man who was now a CEO of a billion dollar empire. A man who has taken all that I had to give, and hurt me in the worst way imaginable, causing me to give up everything and run away. The indescribable pain I felt has consumed me for six long years, but now the time has come for me to return home. Home, where it all started for a girl name Kathleen Toth-Chamberlin. Every story has a beginning… and an end.

******I received this book in exchange for an honest review******
Taken Love by KC Royale is an awesome story that will leave you wanting more. The story is about a man named Johnathan Pierce (JP) and a woman named Kathleen Toth-Chamberlin (KP) . The story begins with both JP and Kathleen in school and JP is the new student. When Kathleen went to introduce herself and hold the phones she can not remember her own name for the life of her. one of the best quotes from Johnathan would be "any way you wake me up is good baby, as long as its you waking me up". So if you are looking for a book that will make you fall in love I would suggest giving this amazingly written book a try because you will not be sorry. 

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Author Bio:
KC Royale started writing at the tender age of nine years old. Being the only girl in a house with four brothers, she used writing as a way to occupy her time. Her curiosity grew into her creating poems and short stories in various genres, which then grew into a love of writing all types of stories. Having grown up in the Washington Metropolitan Area, she got a lot of her inspiration from life, love and nature. She currently lives in Maryland with her family and her ever present laptop. When she is not writing she enjoys watching movies, theatre, cooking, traveling, and listening to soft rock music. She is also an avid reader who enjoys a good romance, erotica or thriller novel to pass the time.

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