Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Kendra by Kandie Stix Review Tour

Release date: June 6th 2015

Kendra is a perfectionist. Her job is her life and she prefers it that way. After her ex-boyfriend left her for someone prettier and thinner, she decided she would never let someone rule her heart again. That is...until she meets her new boss Chad.
Chad was going to start over at a new job. His fantasy of assistants bowing down to him was beyond ridiculous but this time, he has sworn to himself to behave. But ... when his assistant Kendra wiggles her way into his life...there's no going back.
Can Chad make Kendra forget her pain and show her there is more fun in playing the game...

This ARC was given for an honest review.
Reviewer: Felicia Henke with cupcakes and vodka book blog.

After having lost four of the people she worked for Kendra was sad. Packing up for her boss Mathew was hard. She knew that in two days a new boss would be in his place. She hoped that it would it be a male. When he contacted her and said to give him this she knew it was over. When Chad came to replace Mathew Kendra just informed him there would be nothing between them, but he knew that she was going to be hard to stay away from. After a romp in the office and a unexpected twist she took another job at a different location. She enjoyed it, but she still missed Chad. She retired to her old office to get paper signed and yet again seeing Chad. From here on out for the both of them Chad and Kendra they would become a power couple that goes to clubs.

I loved this book. It was a fast read and the details of the book was amazing. Kind of gave a hint where Tamara's story will go. Hopefully there be another one, cause i would love to read more by this author.

Kandie Stixx is the author of contemporary erotic romance Kendra..
Kandie Stixx is not her real name, obviously. It is a culmination of her nickname and her partner’s nickname. A true partnership!
When she’s not writing, she is usually blogging or reading as much as she can before the next book takes form in her mind.

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