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The Lies Between Us (Book Four)
in the Devil’s Dust MC Series by M.N Forgy is FINALLY here!!




Cherry & Lip’s standalone romance is



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Book Summary

Cherry’s life growing up was nothing short of a nightmare. Having an abusive father forced her to fend for herself from an early age. Bruised and emotionally broken, she finally escaped, running straight into the comfort that Lip's arms brought. In the beginning, everything seemed to fall into place perfectly. He made her forget the messed-up ways of her life. But secrets can’t stay neglected. They have a habit of revealing themselves regardless of the consequences. Terrified, Cherry can’t speak a word or she’ll lose it all.

Lip is no stranger to the criminal life. Growing up among convicts, he wanted nothing more than to show his worth. He’ll do anything for the club without question, including serving six years in prison. But nobody could have predicted life’s plan. Rugged, tattooed, and wanting nothing more than to have Cherry, Lip is no longer the man whom Cherry remembers. After his release, he came out a beast with more secrets and lies than his cage could hold.



I was given this arc in return for an honest opinion in now ways was I forced to leave the following review

Book: The lies between us
Author: MN Forgy
Reviewer: Felicia H

As Lindsey is at a Perth with her brother she sees Eric McCormick who she has liked forever. She drank too much at the party and wound up in bed and 8 weeks later she’s pregnant with their kids. At ten months the baby was taken away from her because Eric's family said she was unfit. Boy was Lindsey so mad; she had too cool off so she went away for three days. She then returned to Eric's house to get Piper back. But was she in for rude awaking. His grandma was there with a gun and told Lindsey she would shoot her. The grandma said to say goodbye and return for her daughter in six years that's when Eric would put her in a nursing home. She ran from that house and did not look back till she met Lip. They both had secrets. She fell hard for him one problem he was in an MC. After a passionate night he leaves the next day to do a run and next thing you know he's in prison for six years. During those six years cherry or Lindsey would look at her daughter and see how Eric had been treating her. She gets to know Piper. When he's released he's a different person to the point where they both had words. One day cherry is taken and her car is blown up and that's when her secret daughter comes out and how Lip was sent to keep her safe. Lip and Lindsey both had bigger problems to the point that he killed Eric and went to the judge that Eric and his dad paid off so that she could not have her daughter. During a brief exchange with lip’s brother and a rival gang she gets her daughter back but she takes a bullet. In the end they all meet up at a family reunion and Lip and Lindsey say they want each other and Lip wants kids. Cherry said she was no longer taking birth control.  
I cannot wait to learn more about these two. Where is the next book? I felt this was a book that we could see inside a female’s point of view of a MC club how she deals with issues and it left a great cliff hanger.

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