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It's release day for Drawn Through You by Sarina Rhoads! I am so excited to share this sexy bilionaire romance with a twist with you!! Sarina is sharing an excerpt and fantastic giveaway, so check it out!
  About Drawn Through You:
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Drawn Through You Synopsis:

What if the brooding billionaire wore pencil skirts and Louboutins? What if the impressionable intern was a small-town furniture maker with boyish charm?

Cole Jacobson always thought he would take after his father and pursue his dreams. But when the family business falters and he’s forced to accept his uncle’s help, Cole is summoned to the big city for a job he never wanted.

Priorities become obscured when Cole finds himself working for Shaun Wright, the strong, intimidating, and ruthlessly attractive business partner at his uncle’s contracting firm. Forced to either sacrifice his hard-won integrity or leave behind the one thing that brings him true happiness, Cole must make a decision that could cost him both. A decision only complicated by the sexy, inscrutable woman he can’t stop thinking about. A woman who just might be as intrigued as he is to cross professional boundaries.

A provocative, trope-twisting romance, Sarina Rhoads’s Drawn Through You finally puts the heroine on the other side of the desk.
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5 Stars
Reviewer: Felicia Henke

After running into some money problems after his father died. Cole's uncle came to the rescue and said he would help but he would have to return the favor one day. Knowing that he wanted his father's lumber yard, and even building his own for  her he had to agree. Now he has to wait to return his debt. His pompous uncle has now asked for the favor to be returned.
Shaun a young a but rent woman working with Robert k dpew Robert was not a good person she was head of her game never let work and play mix. That was until Cole walked into her office and ruined it all.  Cole is working with her now on projects and she feels how close they are getting. Cole's uncle wants him to get her to leave the company and Cole is falling for her. After one night of  ice sex he sees now that his uncle is a slim ball. How can Cole tell Shaun that his uncle wanted her out. On a weekend to his home town he started to fall for her more so much more he knew it must be love. But he was not going to say it. When he gets back the talk is that Shaun is out. That her father is taking over.  So Cole tells Shaun everything his uncle did said and more how he was. She was upset and they did it peek for a few days. He quit and moved back home.  There they both said they lived each other and made passion love and made plans for the future.

Wow.. I am breathless. I loved the flow the angle and just loved it all around. Count stop reading it.

Sarina Rhoads photo  About Sarina Rhoads:

Maintaining a suburban orbit of NYC all her life, Sarina Rhoads ran the gamut of odd jobs in pursuit of a one true passion. Once exposed to a world of creative storytelling through online writing groups, she fell completely in love. Now she finds pleasure in penning both contemporary and paranormal romance, possessing notebooks chock full of ideas only waiting to be released. Links: Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest | Website

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