Friday, October 9, 2015

31 Authors Event: Devon Youngblood

I write Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, M/M romance and Paranormal Romance. Im just a romancey author LOL!

Book Titles: Coming Back to You (a Military Romance, Bare Hearts, Driving Layne (book one FREE), Switching Lanes (book two), outbound lane (book three), Undefinable, Sunk, The Butterfly Effect and Mirror Mirror.

She enjoys spending time with her husband of fourteen years, and step son. She calls Pennsylvania home, but loves to travel and try new things. In her free time you can catch her reading books, watching reality tv, and baking.

NEW RELEASE COVER: The Summer of Love 


About Renea Porter
Renea Porter is best known for writing realistic stories with realistic characters. She mainly writes New Adult and Contemporary Romances. However, she's not afraid to venture into other genre's like Paranormal Romance.

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