Wednesday, October 7, 2015

An Ill Wind by James P. Hanley

Jim Hanley is a Human Resources professional, adjunct professor and short story writer, Jim has had over 70 stories appear in print and online publications.

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 In this sequel to The Calling, Sheriff Luke Atwell and his deputies face individual and collective challenges from outlaws, gunfighters, renegade Indians, card sharps, and a thieving medicine show in a Kansas town in the 1870’s. The personal lives of the lawmen also change and nature takes its destructive toll on the town and its residents. When a black neighbor’s family is attacked and the oldest son killed, the sheriff gets the help of federal law enforcement and they chase a band of marauding ex-Confederates out to undo the changes resulting from the Civil War.

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 Snippet Time!

“Howdy, Sheriff,” Jesse said. The deputy was dressed in gray slacks that bagged at the knees; he wore a plaid shirt with a bandana below the collar. Lately, he fancied a felt hat with a wide, circular brim.
“Jesse, it’s about time you called me by my first name. After all, you’re going to be my best man.”
“Suits me fine, Luke. Speaking of your betrothed, I see Miss Peggy is opening up her shop right now. She’s a fine lady and a good business woman. You’re marrying her for her money, are you?” Jesse said with a laugh.

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