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31 Author Event : A.J. Storm


Fortune's Eyes

Leena Price came to New Orleans for sanctuary, and to the arms of the family who had ever shown her any love. 

She'd been born with a special gift. One that could open the brightest doors or the darkest hells... 

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Emily's Passion

Traveling the world on his Harley made Alan content. He was free of relationships and all of the drama attached. That is, until he met Emily. The Dom in him knew she was submissive, and he wanted to Master her.

Emily's Passion has received 27 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ star and 6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ star reviews

⭐.·°⭐.·°⭐The Dark Strangers Trilogy⭐.·°⭐.·°⭐

The world is changing with lightning speed. Technology brings constant renewal in how we live and interact with the world. We go about our daily lives never once suspecting the difference in our coworker, the all night deli owner down the street, or even our neighbor.

There's a war coming...a war to protect the human race. Two families, shifter and vampire, unite in friendship with one goal in mind...take down the current leadership of the vampire world.

The last book in The Dark Strangers trilogy...

⭐⭐ The Power of Two ⭐⭐

Alec was the spitting image of his father. Someday he would take over as alpha and his body was already preparing for it. His wolf was hunting for a mate and when Mandy walked into the picture, he could barely keep the beast contained.

A.J. Storm is an avid reader of BDSM, erotic paranormal romance, and lover of vampire and werewolf books. She currently lives in the Midwestern part of the United States with her husband of 39 years. She plays twelve string guitar and previously wrote love songs for her husband when they were dating. 

She loves all animals domesticated and wild. Extremely passionate about wolves and their habitat, the number one item on her Bucket List is to be able to physically interact with a wolf face to fur.

Her love of reading encouraged her to write her own daydreams down on paper and develop them into stories. When not reading, writing, or taking care of her husband, she spends time with her six grandchildren and two grown children.

AJ has previously published four books with Bitten Press LLC. The first was Emily's Passion and was written to encourage women of a certain age to discover and believe desire and sexuality are still viable traits to their make-up. It also touches on breast cancer and the effects it can have on a woman and her frame of mind. These traits are still available to the mature woman and breast cancer survivor and Emily's Passion proves it.

Dark Strangers was AJ's second book. It deals with the age old war between vampires and werewolves. AJ jumps right in the middle of the dilemma striving to close the gap between the two species. Two sexy alphas, who are best friends, lead the way into uncharted a female vampire and the other a male wolf shifter. True love finds them in the midst of chaos, deception, and evil.

Alexander's Story is the second book in the Dark Strangers Trilogy and continues the saga of two paranormal species. This book delves into the cause of the rift between them and uses her hero to bring about the change needed. Of course, nothing is ever easy and evil has a way of staying one step ahead of good. Alexander's Story not only provides a means to an end, but new beginnings. Our hero finds HOT sex and true love in the process.

AJ's final book of the trilogy, The Power Of Two, wraps up the story of our two families completing their goals, heartaches, and successes through generations to come.

Fortune's Eyes is an erotic murder mystery set in the heart of New Orleans and is due for release October 1, 2015.

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