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Desire So Sweet by Tonya Brooks Blog Tour


Desire So Sweet Cover [3735983]Desire So Sweet by Tonya Brooks

Series: The Bad Baker Boys: The Beginning Genre: Contemporary Romance Publication Date: September 7, 2015
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He thought he was a monster... Jed Baker had lived through hell on earth and had the demons to prove it. Then he met an innocent girl who gave his troubled soul peace, but he couldn't bear to taint her sweetness with the death and viloence threatening to consume him. She knew he was a hero... Ginny Lawson lived under the control of an abusive father who used her gentle nature and tender heart against her. She longed for someone to love her enough to save her, and when Jed rolled into town she knew that her hero had come.
  EXCERPT Ginny Lawson had become his salvation. He was addicted to her sweet smiles. They were like sunshine, with the power to warm his cold, barren soul. Her cheerful nature was effervescent, bubbling over into the dark desolation consuming him. Those big blue eyes were so trusting, they made him want to protect her from all harm, including himself. Jed Baker knew that he was the most dangerous thing Ginny would ever come in contact with. The taint of death and violence that filled his soul was toxic; the demons he carried within, a threat to everyone around him. If he ever allowed himself to care about her, he would destroy her. Unfortunately, it might already be too late.


Tonya Brooks

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Tonya Brooks lives in Myrtle Beach, SC with her very own bad boy husband, who she happily admits is the inspiration for her male characters. She has two adult sons who refuse to read her books because mom's are not supposed to know about sex, much less write about it. When asked about her books, Tonya's standard reply is, "This ain't your mama's sweet and tender romance novel." Her books deal with raw, gritty, painful issues that real people face, with focus on the strength in overcoming them and there is always a Happily Ever After. Her alpha males are as hot as a sultry Southern summer night, and the females have as much sass as sex appeal. When they meet, passions ignite hotter than a day at the beach and sparks fly like the Fourth of July. Look out for unexpected plot twists, some colorful language and ribald humor. Oh, and a goat. On a leash.

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